Terms & Conditions

Product Availability

All orders placed through the Website are subject to stock availability.

The product pages of the Website can provide you with information regarding products that are currently available for sale through those channels. Wearables reserves the right to change from time to time the assortment of items offered on its product pages.

You may also call the Customer Support (03222999231) and our representative will provide you with further information on product availability and assist you with your purchase.

Orders, Account Registration

In order to place an order through the Website, you may either register and create an online account on the Website, or place an order as a guest without creating an online account by selecting the “Guest Checkout” option that is only available on the Website. In order to register an online account, you will be required to provide valid and up-to-date personal information, such as your name, phone number and e-mail address etc.

If you are ordering on the Website, orders will be processed as follows: Once you have chosen a product, click on the “Add to Cart” button to place this product in your shopping cart. You may then decide to continue shopping for other products and add them to your shopping cart or proceed to “Checkout” by clicking on this button.

You may also remove one or several products you have selected by clicking on “Delete” next to the chosen product in the Shopping cart. When you have completely reviewed your order then click on the “Place order” button to place your order.

When ordering by telephone through the Customer Support (03222999231), our representative will follow the order process on your behalf.

General Conditions

These Conditions of Sale apply only to sales made through the Customer Contact Center or the Website. Sales conducted through Wearables retail boutiques are not subject to these Conditions of Sale. Cartier may modify the Conditions of Sale from time to time, at its sole discretion.

Right of Refusal:

Wearables have the right to Refuse / Suspend / Limit / any service to any customer / vendor / other entities

Wearables have the right to Refuse / Suspend / Limit to fulfill any order

Wearables have the right not to reply / inform / answer any customer, vendor or any other entity while exercising the right of refusal