Wearables Accessories- Review

Wearables Accessories- Review

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Accessories add that extra glam to your entire look while defining your style statement. I believe that the kind of accessories a person wears says a lot about their taste and personality. As a young girl, I like to experiment with all kinds of accessories, from those traditional kundan bangles at weddings to that vintage statement necklace at the high school party, from those delicate midi rings at work to that statement stone ring at the hangout with friends, I have tried them all. One thing, however, that I am very particular about is the quality and finishing of accessories. If the quality isn’t good then the color might fade away before you are even able to wear it and trust me I have had that experience with some rings that I bought from a facebook page which turned out to be selling random accessories bought off AliExpress. Coming to the point, online stores selling good quality accessories are tricky to find and you guys know how I keep shopping from online stores to review them and guide you better. One of my friends mentioned Wearables to me and being the shopaholic that I am, immediately browsed over the page.

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The best part about this store? They have an incredible variety of accessories ranging from Egyptian inspired chokers to zirconia detailed earrings, more than 1000 designs to be precise! Woah! Once you start clicking through, there is no way back. I got the replica classic Cartier love bracelet and ring which needs no introduction after Kylie Jenner wore these. The quality is amazing! I have worn it every single day, to workout and shower and it won’t fade because of triple plating. The finishing and quality of diamontees is pretty good as well so step into good lighting and it will sparkle like diamonds. These are everyday essentials for me, the perfect minimal accessories for work.

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Since they also have a kiosk at The Forum mall, you can always go and see the accessories before buying them. And I have another great news, their accessories will also be available in Designer Avenue at Dolmen City Mall, Clifton. Customer service is at it’s best with fast and hassle free cash on delivery service and courteous sales staff. A trustworthy after sale service counts a lot as you know that the complaints will be answered and taken care of , if any! All requests of post purchase size change or exchange are welcomed and accepted.

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Product quality comes above all, therefore, only the best is selected which are best not just for the customers but also for the environment. All the products include the top quality and safest material for the clients and our surroundings. Isn’t that amazing? The packaging is also impressive with velvet pouches inside the standard jewelry boxes with cushions to keep the products safe.

I highly recommend this store because it is an absolute 10/10 in all aspects! You can either buy from their facebook page, website (wearablesforever.com) or the stores!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wearablesaccessories/?fref=ts